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My name is Sharon Selby and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor who works at the ABLE Developmental Clinic in West Vancouver where I provide private counselling to children, teens, parents and families.  The ABLE Developmental Clinic Inc. is a private multidisciplinary clinic providing assessment, treatment and consultation for children and youth experiencing difficulties with Attention,  Behaviour, Learning, and Emotion.

Sharon possesses that ideal blend of competence and caring. She has in-depth knowledge in several areas of counseling and is consistently professional, collaborative, and effective. She is also a very kind and intuitive person who has a true gift for putting children at ease and helping them engage in the process of change.

– Dr. Glen Davies, Psychologist and Director of the ABLE Clinic

My Education, Experience and Theoretical Perspective:

I obtained my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from UBC in 1999.  I also have post-masters training in Art Therapy from the Adlerian School of Psychology and am a Certified Parent Facilitator with a Bachelor of Education from McGill University.  Having spent many years in the school setting, I have a thorough understanding of school systems. For the past  seventeen years, I have specialized in supporting children and families experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, trauma, separation/divorce, parent-child conflict, sibling conflict, anger management, impaired social skills, attention deficit disorder, high-functioning autism spectrum disorder, behavioural problems, bullying and low self-esteem.  I have a broad range of experience culminating in over 9,500 clinical hours working 1:1 with children and families.

I draw on a broad range of psychological theories such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Adlerian Theory, Attachment Theory, Solution Focused Therapy, and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).  I also use Art and Play Therapy to assist children in healing and expressing their feelings.

When working with families, I support the role of parents by coaching them effective parenting skills and guiding them in understanding the unique temperament traits of their child(ren).

Group Counselling:

I run groups to teach children and youth about Anxiety and Anxiety Management Strategies.  To the children and youth, I refer to these groups as Brain Science Groups, as each session we learn something about the brain.  In this seven-week course, we meet once/week for 45 minutes in a small group with similar aged children.  (The last fifteen minutes of the session is the parent time where I summarize the children’s session and answer any questions.)  We cover topics such as the names and functions of the three areas of the brain most impacted by anxiety:  the Pre-frontal Cortex,  the Amygdala, and the Hippocampus.  I use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to teach them about irrational thoughts vs. rational thoughts, and perspective taking.  We also talk about facing our fears, and the steps to do this.  I teach calming and relaxation strategies and the principles of mindfulness.

Group and Private Counselling for Children and Families | Help your Child with AnxietyFor the upcoming schedule, please refer to the  Groups page on this website. To register please call the ABLE Clinic at 604-922-3450 or register online.

I also run Self-Empowerment Groups to teach children:
Assertiveness skills, Friendship/Bullying dynamics and bully prevention strategies, Optimistic thinking vs. Pessimistic thinking and Self-Regulation skills.  This is a six-week course.  We meet once/week for 45 minutes in a small group with similar aged children.  (The last fifteen minutes of the session is the parent time where I summarize the children’s session and answer any questions.)

For the upcoming schedule, please refer to the “Groups” page.  To register please call the ABLE Clinic at 604-922-3450 or register online.

Presentations to Groups:

I am also available to present to parent groups on topics such as anxiety, self-regulation, emotional resilience, discipline and temperament.  I have experience presenting to parents of pre-schools and elementary schools, delivering workshops for colleagues, professional development workshops for teachers and at conferences.  If you would like to book me to present on a specific topic, which can be catered to your needs, please send me an e-mail.  Please refer to my speaking page for more information and testimonials.

My Counselling and Play/Art Therapy Office

Private Counselling for Children and Families | Help your Child with Anxiety
Private Counselling and Play Therapy for Children | Help your Child with Anxiety
Private Counselling Practice - Help your Child with Anxiety


To learn more about Play Therapy, click here

To Schedule an Appointment:

To schedule an appointment for private counselling for yourself or other family members, or for parent coaching with me, please contact the receptionist at the West Vancouver ABLE Clinic at:

ABLE Developmental Clinic
Tel: (604) 922-3450
#110 – 585 16th Street, West Vancouver
(close to Marine Drive and the Shoppers Drug Mart)

There is free parking, but it is busy, so please give yourself enough time to find a parking spot.

For further information, please contact me.


  • I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and a few extended health plans will cover clinical private counselling services
  • I am a registered counsellor with the Crime Victim Assistance Program, if you are eligible for counselling services through this program, you will receive $80 towards each session with me
  • I am a registered counsellor/provider with Green Shield
  • As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I am covered under Autism funding, for psychological services
  • If you have an extended health plan which you would like to cover my services, please contact me and I will happily apply to become one of their eligible counsellors


Just wanted to tell you that this morning’s workshop was great!  You explained everything really well and I liked how you used different ways to illustrate your points (real-life situations, your son’s Halloween story).  I was most impressed with how you obviously know your material and stayed on focus because there are so many ways one could go off on a tangent!

So thanks for the very informative workshop!  I plan to attend the next one.

– Brenda R

My daughter was struggling with anxiety and it was getting to the point where it was beginning to affect her and our life on a daily basis. If she knew she was going to be outside of her comfort zone she would start to panic and focus on something in an obsessive and negative way in anticipation of the upcoming situation. She was the most anxious she had ever been when she started the anxiety management course with Sharon. She loved Sharon immediately and felt very comfortable with her. She has learned through Sharon why she may feel this way and how to use skills to help her cope better. I wondered how much she might absorb as a six-year-old but she seems to be able to remember and use what Sharon has taught her. As she was taking the course her anxiety decreased dramatically. When she begins to get anxious again we use the skills she has learned and talk about how she can manage and cope with the things that are bothering her. I have also learned how to help her. Our experience with Sharon has been invaluable. My daughter says she is the best teacher she has ever had! Thanks, Sharon.

– Carrie

I have relied on Sharon for exceptional parenting advice, particularly related to anxiety, for several years.  She has guided me through the system, directed me to various practitioners, resources, books, etc., and offered me great comfort and perspective when I really needed it.  I recently attended one of Sharon’s Connected Parenting series workshops on anxiety and I was so impressed by both the content and Sharon’s communication style.  Without even a glance at any notes, Sharon walked us through the latest brain research about anxiety.  She has such a clear and thorough understanding of the material that she is able to break it down and share it in a simple and practical way.  Sharon also shared some of the ‘tools’ that she has used with her own children and students that she has worked with over the years. I have found these tools particularly useful.  We are lucky to have Sharon as a valuable resource in our community.

– Heather W
My daughter, 7yrs, has attended Sharon’s anxiety group and benefited greatly from them even after the first session.  She was having problems with coping in school and after Sharon’s group, she was better able to cope with everyday situations that arose at school and at home.  Less extreme outbursts with us and her sister.  I also have attended Sharon’s parent group and found her sessions informative and practical.  Sharon is a warm and friendly coach to assist my daughter in learning to improve her emotional intelligence.
– Sara Bishop
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