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Dear Sharon,
When we met you over two years ago. I was at my wits end. I was yelling out of frustration and just generally feeling like a terrible parent. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am and how much you have changed our lives. Your kindness and patience coupled with your practical approach has totally changed our family dynamic.
I also wanted to thank you for putting together the Toddler to Teen® Parenting Solutions online course. It has reinforced valuable lessons learnt from you in our private sessions and so much more. It is wonderful to have the course material as a resource to refer back to whenever I need a refresher. The course covers so many different aspects of parenting and family life and is truly amazing! I really feel like it has made me a better parent. I will be forever grateful to you for your help, wisdom and support. Thank you!
Kindest regards, ~ Tracey M.

Hi Sharon,
As my son just came over to give me one of his wonderful hugs, it reminds me how he started to express himself, through hugs, after his sessions with you last spring. Your influence is long lasting.
Thank you, ~ M.

Hi Sharon,
I just wanted to let you know that both times that my daughter has left your sessions, she is literally floating on a cloud of excitement and positive energy.  We always go for a snack and drink afterward and I can feel the buzz of excitement radiating from her.  She says you are “so, so nice” repeatedly and today said that she considers you a “trusted adult in her life that she is lucky to have”. She has taken complete ownership of this process and feels she is making good choices in spending time with you and learning about herself.  Obviously she has connected with you the way I thought and hoped she would. I feel that such great, positive changes are on the way for her.  I wanted to sincerely thank you. I share her excitement for what the future will bring for her.
~ Christy

Hi Sharon,
I just have to tell you that you made an amazingly positive impact on our daughter. She asked if she gets to go back and see you again, I asked her if she wanted to and she replied “Yes please”! She doesn’t get overly excited, or that impressed easily so this is huge! Thank you so so much.
~ Silvia

When you explained some things that kids go through it seemed so logical but we both failed to see it.  Nothing is more important than the happiness of our kids so we really appreciate you giving us a few things to work on.  It makes me wonder how often parents blame their kids for their behaviour, when in actual fact it might be them! I know we still have to work on things, but we feel we’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. The recent parent-teacher interview was an excellent meeting, with positive comments about the huge difference in our daughter’s attitude! 
I can’t begin to express how much my wife and I appreciate your help!! It means sooo much to us!
~ Ryan

Hi Sharon,
A few encouraging things in the last few days that I thought I’d share.  Yesterday, our son managed to enter a men’s washroom at the beach by himself, which is the first time he has done so.  He was initially very reluctant, but we used the language you’ve taught him.  Yay!  Tonight we talked about going to school tomorrow to practice using and flushing the toilets there, armed with several of the strategies you have taught him.  His enthusiasm about the fact that he could see the value of something you taught him seems so important – not only does it show his receptiveness but it shows me that he feels “helpable”.  This is a big change from before when he stated clearly that he didn’t think anyone could help him with his fears.
~ Larissa

Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to tell you that this morning’s workshop was great!  You explained everything really well and I liked how you used different ways to illustrate your points (real life situations, your son’s Halloween story).  I was most impressed with how you obviously know your material and stayed focussed because there are so many ways one could go off on a tangent!

So thanks for the very informative workshop!  I plan to attend the next one.

~ Brenda R

Hi Sharon,
My daughter was struggling with anxiety and it was getting to the point where it was beginning to affect her and our life on a daily basis. If she knew she was going to be outside of her comfort zone she would start to panic and focus on something in an obsessive and negative way in anticipation of the upcoming situation. She was the most anxious she had ever been when she started the six week anxiety management course with Sharon. She loved Sharon immediately and felt very comfortable with her. She has learned through Sharon why she may feel this way and how to use skills to help her cope better. I wondered how much she might absorb as a six year old but she seems to be able to remember and use what Sharon has taught her. As she was taking the course her anxiety decreased dramatically. When she begins to get anxious again we use the skills she has learned and talk about how she can manage and cope with the things that are bothering her. I have also learned how to help her. Our experience with Sharon has been invaluable. My daughter says she is the best teacher she has ever had! Thanks Sharon.

~ Carrie

I have relied on Sharon for exceptional parenting advice, particularly related to anxiety, for several years.  She has guided me through the system, directed me to various practitioners, resources, books, etc., and offered me great comfort and perspective when I really needed it.  I recently attended one of Sharon’s Connected Parenting series workshops on anxiety and I was so impressed by both the content and Sharon’s communication style.  Without even a glance at any notes, Sharon walked us through the latest brain research about anxiety.  She has such a clear and thorough understanding of the material that she is able to break it down and share it in a simple and practical way.  Sharon also shared some of the ‘tools’ that she has used with her own children and students that she has worked with over the years. I have found these tools particularly useful.  We are lucky to have Sharon as a valuable resource in our community.
~ Heather W

After having children life became frantically busy….In order for me to continue to be effective and offer quality time to my children I simplified my life on all levels.  One of the things I did, was re-evaluate every mailing list I was on. I am happy to say that is the ONLY parenting subscription I kept as it seems to consistently offer me quality information that supports me in raising my kids. The information from Sharon is informative, interesting, useful and from a fresh new perspective; it is also in line with my values. Having read various books on parenting, attended many workshops, and been through several difficult life situations, the same old perspective offered by many other newsletters was not inspiring to me anymore.   Each week I look forward to  Sharon’s next issue for some new inspiration to take home with me….
~ Sharlene

My daughter, 7 yrs, has attended Sharon’s anxiety group and benefited greatly from it even after the first session.  She was having problems with coping in school and after Sharon’s group she was better able to cope with everyday situations that arose at school and at home – less extreme outbursts with us and her sister.  I have also attended Sharon’s parent group and found her sessions informative and practical.  Sharon is a warm and friendly coach to assist my daughter in learning to improve her emotional intelligence.
~ Sara Bishop

Hi Sharon,
I can’t thank you enough for attending yesterday’s meeting. You were articulate, calm and succinct. We felt like you described our son perfectly and were so informative in your description of his anxiety/perfectionism. We could see that the teachers were really listening to you and were asking thoughtful questions. You were a real champion for him and for us!
We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. Thank you again.
~ Janette

Our 11-year old son attended Sharon’s anxiety management group.  The group sessions helped him understand how his brain works and develop positive self-talk which have been instrumental in helping my son cope with a new school, and his sensitivity in social situations.  We have seen an amazing turn-around in our son – Sharon’s counsel, insight and ability to connect with him has been key to his success.
~ Debra

Sharon has helped our family so much, not only with our son of 12 who in the last couple of years experienced a lot of anxiety and a lack of confidence, but with our understanding of how anxiety works and how we as parents can best deal with it. Our son completed the 7 week “Brain Training” course with Sharon which helped him considerably. I feel, however, that the real changes came when my wife and I adjusted our parenting style to address not only our son’s anxiety, but our own as well. We are amazed at the changes in our son, he is like a different person, much more confident and far less anxious. 
     My wife and I have also taken the Adlerian Parenting Course with Sharon and Louise, and through this experience we are able to be better parents, and are enjoying our family life to the fullest. We are all in a different, much better place now, and feel well prepared to face the challenges of the coming teen years. Thanks Sharon!

Thank you Sharon. Words cannot express how happy we are with the work you have done with our son. The change we have seen in him in the past year makes us very proud. While we still have a way to go as a family, we know we are on the right track. Thank you Sharon for giving us a great foundation to work from.
~ John and Tracey

Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for helping my student  – she is doing so well and her parents are very grateful.  I’m pleased to see this student smiling and confident again.
~ School Counsellor

My daughter was having a really hard time going to school.  She would complain of stomach aches, headaches, cry and refuse to go into the class.  A teacher at our school told me about Sharon.  Sharon exceeded my expectations.  She is warm, welcoming, and genuinely cares about each child in her group.  My daughter can now continue her journey in life with skills I wish I had when I was only 7 years old, and I as a parent have a better understanding to help my child deal with the “worry bugs”.
~ Sincerely, Stacey

My daughter found the “Brain Course” to really informative.  It helped her with her self-confidence, especially understanding that her anxiety is something that can be controlled and that other children go through as well.
~ K. Munro

Sharon you really helped us when we were all trying our best but not understanding how to help ourselves or what was really happening with our son’s anxiety. I have never been so relieved and thankful for the support and help you gave to our son, and to our family. We learned so much through that and will maintain our awareness and personal growth. We will think of you often and look forward to keeping in touch through your weekly emails and blog too. 
~ Sincerely, M.R.

We began seeing Sharon as a way to help us navigate our son’s extreme anxiety. When we began our relationship with Sharon, we certainly had high hopes, but as for visualizing what we thought was possible to ease our son’s pain, we really had no idea what was possible.
I am delighted to share that not only has an incredible bond of trust been created and nourished between our son and Sharon, but also her teachings have given him the tools to create a much happier and less stressful life. As a parent, I can tell you that there is no greater gift to me than to help my child.
My husband and I have also been so blessed to have had the opportunity to have some one-on-one appointments with Sharon. The time is usually spent with my husband and I giving Sharon examples of situations and conversations that we find challenging or being lost as to how to respond, and in turn, Sharon is without fail, very supportive and understanding with her kind and gentle guidance. What we value most with Sharon is her sage wisdom that she offers complete non-judgement of our parenting skills. Sharon offers in-depth feedback and direction that is very specific to our child and family so that we are entirely set up for success when we go and put the great tools to use. Meeting Sharon has been truly life-changing for us. 
~ Tiffany and Richard

Hi Sharon.
I just wanted to tell you that your Toddler to Teen® Parenting Solutions Course is like organic healthy food for my brain.  I am enjoying it so much that I don’t want it to end!  Often in my busy work/kids’ day, I crave a few minutes of peace to be myself so I can go and continue listening to it.
How it has worked for me is by listening to it over and over and over to actually automatically use these healthy recommendations in my everyday life instead of my old daily routines.
This course and the bonus materials are so good that they can be used for any spousal and work relationships too.
It is so good that I wish this course and other forms of Sharon’s continued online support never ends.
Thank you, Sharon, for all that you do, for all of us, none stop all these years.
~ Giti

Alcuin College approached Sharon Selby to present on the topic of building resilience in our children. We wanted to have our parents better understand how to support their children as they transition into independent learners. Sharon has a wealth of knowledge that she translates into practical techniques parents can depend on to help their children through the inherent challenges of childhood. She shares how to create an environment that facilitates connection between you and your child along with opportunities to build the skills necessary to independently regulate emotions and problem solve. I would highly recommend Sharon Selby for any organization hoping to build a better understanding in the areas of self-regulation, resilience and child anxiety. Her presentation is an informative, concrete hour that will impact how you view the realities of childhood today and the tools that you can use to reduce their negative impact.
~ Darcey Riley, Principal of Alcuin College Junior School

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