This Brought Tears to My Eyes…Father and Son Relationship

father and son relationship

Father’s Day

When I first saw this footage (only 2.5 mins. ) of Derek Redmond in the Barcelona 1992 Olympics, it brought tears to my eyes.

At first I didn’t realize that his coach was also his father.

What a beautiful father and son relationship.

This is a Genuine Example of the Six Stages of Attachment

All of Gordon Neufeld’s six stages of attachment are encapsulated in this 2.5 minutes:

Proximity – Physical closeness

Sameness (having something in common) – Dad is coaching son

Loyalty – Dad has his back.  He “shoos” away all the reporters and officials

Significance – Unconditional Love – it’s okay that he didn’t win the gold

Love – hugs, pats on the chest, holding him up

Being Known/Vulnerability – Dad is a safe person with whom he can cry and express vulnerability

When our children are all grown up and we look back, these stages of attachment are what we will want them to remember the most.  These experiences of being there and supporting them through the tough times.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful day celebrating special fathers, grandfathers or other parenting figures in your life.






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