Do You Want More Calm in Your Life? My Free Mother’s Day Gift for You!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a parent must be one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs imaginable!  However, with that move from ME to WE, comes less time for oneself.  It can sometimes feel overwhelming to meet so many people’s needs including our own!  Meditation or Guided Relaxation can bring us back to feeling centred.

The benefits of guided relaxation are numerous:

-increased focus

-less stress

-healthier immune system

-peaceful feeling inside oneself

-increased will power

-reduction of negative emotions

-new perspective on stressful situations

-improved physical and emotional well-being

My Gift to You

For a while now, I’ve been recommending various apps and relaxation exercises to the parents and children I work with.  In my groups for children, I’ve also been giving them a chance to practice one of the breathing exercises on my favourite children’s app, and they’ve been asking for more.  This motivated me to put together a list of my 6 favourite relaxation apps for adults and children.


Enjoy!  Remember it only takes approximately 7 minutes per day and can be done sitting up in bed, before the rest of the household wakes up, during a lunch break or in your car before an important meeting, as part of a bed-time routine with your children, and as a mediation to relax you from a busy day right before you lie down to sleep.

Here’s to you and your family feeling more calm in your lives.

To all the amazing mothers out there, I wish you and your family a wonderful day celebrating you!



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