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 Registration is now open for the upcoming Self-Empowerment groups to teach your 7-9 year old and 10-12 year old about social dynamics, communication, self-regulation skills, and perspective taking including optimism vs. pessimism. (See poster below for more information.)  Click here to register and click on “upcoming groups/events”.

Refunds: In order to receive a tuition refund, withdrawal notification must be received up to one week prior to class start date, except in the case of a medical emergency (with a doctor’s note). No transfers.




My daughter was struggling with anxiety and it was getting to the point where it was beginning to affect her and our life on a daily basis. If she knew she was going to be outside of her comfort zone she would start to panic and focus on something in an obsessive and negative way in anticipation of the upcoming situation. She was the most anxious she had ever been when she started the six week anxiety management course with Sharon. She loved Sharon immediately and felt very comfortable with her. She has learned through Sharon why she may feel this way and how to use skills to help her cope better. I wondered how much she might absorb as a six year old but she seems to be able to remember and use what Sharon has taught her. As she was taking the course her anxiety decreased dramatically. When she begins to get anxious again we use the skills she has learned and talk about how she can manage and cope with the things that are bothering her. I have also learned how to help her. Our experience with Sharon has been invaluable. My daughter says she is the best teacher she has ever had! Thanks Sharon.
~ Carrie
My daughter, 7 yrs, has attended Sharon’s anxiety group and benefited greatly from it even after the first session. She was having problems with coping in school and after Sharon’s group she was better able to cope with everyday situations that arose at school and at home – less extreme outbursts with us and her sister. I have also attended Sharon’s parent group and found her sessions informative and practical. Sharon is a warm and friendly coach to assist my daughter in learning to improve her emotional intelligence.
~ Sara Bishop
My daughter was having a really hard time going to school. She would complain of stomach aches, headaches, cry and refuse to go into the class. A teacher at our school told me about Sharon. Sharon exceeded my expectations. She is warm, welcoming, and genuinely cares about each child in her group. My daughter can now continue her journey in life with skills I wish I had when I was only 7 years old, and I as a parent have a better understanding to help my child deal with the “worry bugs”.
~ Sincerely, Stacey
My daughter found the “Brain Course” to really informative. It helped her with her self-confidence, especially understanding that her anxiety is something that can be controlled and that other children go through as well.
~ K. Munro


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