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You’re invited to two free presentations related to developing resilience and tolerating “negative” emotions, open to everyone, and sponsored by Brockton School:

Raising Your Child’s Resilient Quotient (R.Q.)Click on this Eventbrite link to register and reserve your free ticket. Date: Tuesday, November 21st, 2017. Time: 7:15pm-8:45pm at the Lynn Valley Community Room.  SOLD OUT

Understanding and Managing the BIG Emotions of Anger/Anxiety in the Tween/Teen Years to Develop Self-RegulationClick on this Eventbrite link to register and reserve your free ticket. Date: Monday, November 27th, 2017, Time: 7:15pm-8:45pm at the Lynn Valley Community Room.  SOLD OUT but come if you wish, as there’s always a few empty seats.

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About Sharon


Hi! I’m Sharon Selby, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and it’s my passion to support children, teens and families.  For the last 20 years, I have accumulated over 10 000 clinical hours working with children and families experiencing diverse challenges and therefore have a broad range of experience to draw upon.  If you need support with parenting, discipline, behaviour, sibling rivalry or have a child who is experiencing anxiety, social skill difficulties, low self-esteem, attachment issues, defiance, emotional dysregulation, school refusal, withdrawal or low motivation, please click below for me to connect with you.



Sharon’s Parenting Blog

View my portfolio of parenting articles on topics such as anxiety, attachment, self-regulation, education, discipline, behaviour and play.



Toddler to Teen Parenting Course

Is parenting more stressful than you had thought it would be? This online parenting course will support you with your struggles.



Speaking Schedule

I have a lot of experience speaking to large groups on topics such as Anxiety, Emotional Resilience, Temperament, Discipline and more.



Sharon’s Private Practice

I offer individual counselling for your toddler to teen, play therapy, parenting support and groups for anxiety/self-empowerment.


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I love to write blogs for this community of dedicated parents.  I write my articles based on themes that come up in my work with families. My goal is to provide free, weekly, valuable content to support you on your parenting journey. Receiving comments such as the one below, motivate me to keep writing blogs every week:

Thank you Sharon. You don’t even know how brilliant your email articles and continual support are. I appreciate you and your wisdom so so much.

Kindly, Jen

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